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For millions of Americans, the World Wide Web is an exciting tool for learning and communicating. For millions of deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind or visually impaired computer users, however, the Web's enhanced graphics, audio, and video capabilities are out of reach. NCAM provides links to accessibility resources for developers interested in making their sites accessible.

Currently, NCAM is running two major projects, Access to PIVOT and Access to Rich Media. Both projects deal with issues of access associated with online multimedia.

NCAM also works with major software and hardware manufacturers, the Federal government and others to disseminate technology, techniques and information to make the Web more accessible. This includes participating in the Web Access Initiative (WAI), sponsored by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Our ongoing efforts to reach out to on-line service providers, corporate and non-profit webmasters, and others in the Web community make clear the importance of accessibility.

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