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CD-ROM Access Project

The CD-ROM Access Project announces the publication of
Making Educational Software Accessible: Design Guidelines Including Math and Science Solutions

The guidelines are also available in print free of charge. To request copies, including bulk orders, contact:

Mary Watkins
617 300-3700
617 300-2489 TTY

The CD-ROM Access Project was made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation's Program for Persons with Disabilities. More information about the project is available in the project description.

Press coverage of the project is available from The CD-ROM Access Project in the News

Other resources from the CD-ROM Access Project:
Developer resources--General information for software developers
Other Guidelines for Developing Accessible Software--from industry and other researchers
Software Selection Guidelines--tips for identifying accessible software
CD-ROM Accessibility Analysis Findings--reviews of software accessibility from 1997
CD-ROM Access Project Solutions--preliminary solutions to problems identified in the Accessibility Analysis
Links to Related Projects--other math and science access projects


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