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A variety of services that help to make television, movies and more accessible for all.

Caption Services

Data Services for Analog and Digital Platforms
The Web and Streaming Media
The Media Access Group can supply closed captions for pre-recorded video on the Web through most media platforms, including Quicktime Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player and Flash Player, and real-time captions for live Web events and Web conferencing, including Adobe Connect. We continue to develop new tools to make the Internet and other new media accessible and work with Internet software developers and service providers to ensure that their products feature accessibility options. For caption rates or questions about what platforms and software we currently support contact us at 617-300-3600 or

CaptionStreamer takes captions that we provide (live-written or pre-scripted), and displays them in your Web presentation. We can customize this window to include your logo, provide user controls, or to unobtrusively display just the text from your presentation. This allows you to provide access to every web conference using any platform and any browser.

Set up is simple; the caption window can be integrated into your Web page, including on/off controls, or can be set up as a separate floating window that users can size and place to their preference.
Check out the CaptionStreamer demo.

YouTube Ready Captions (English Only)
We can help you caption your videos for YouTube to make them more easily searched and help you meet Section 508 requirements. Caption rates are $7 per minute with a $70 minimum order. Transcription rates are $5 per minute with a $50 minimum order.

Please contact us by phone at 617 300-3600 with questions or to book work, or request a quote online. We will provide you with simple instructions for how to upload your file as well as payment options and turnaround time.

Offline Captioning for Pre-Produced Programs
Timed and Placed Captions: These appear on screen in units of one, two, or three rows and can convey more information than just the spoken dialogue. They are positioned on screen to identify speakers, carefully timed to match shot changes, and often indicate sound effects and music.

Time-Coded Roll-Up Captions: Prepared ahead of time and as accurate as timed and placed captions, these captions scroll up in a two- to four-row continuous display. Logical line breaks, speaker identification, and speaker-change symbols are inserted and nonverbal cues added to enhance understanding of the program.

Real-Time Captioning for Live Programs and Teleconferences
Live or real-time captions are used to make live or fast turn-around programs accessible. A stenocaptioner uses a special stenographic keyboard to type as many as 250 words per minute. A computer translates the steno into English text, which is formatted as captions. The caption data is then sent to an encoder and inserted into line 21 of the video signal. This is the only method available to caption a live, unscripted program.

Reformatting Captions
Captions are edited or reformatted to match new versions of a program or film -- a service that costs a fraction of original captioning. The Media Access Group archives all caption data, so contact us to find out if your acquisition is available in our extensive library.

The Media Access Group offers subtitling in a variety of languages. Our multilingual staff incorporates your translation into a special computer program that uses the production's own SMPTE time-code to time each subtitle. We then create a dub of your master and, using a character generator, lay the titles onto the video of the dub. The standard font is a "Helvetica lookalike" (edged, off-white), though other type styles are available. Standard turn-around for subtitling is five to seven business days. Call to inquire about a specific language or font.

DVD Captions and Subtitles
The Media Access Group can create files that can be used in DVD authoring systems. This includes traditional line-21 captions and DVD subtitles in English and other languages.

CD-ROM Captions
Software that includes video and audio clips, such as reference materials and games, can now be made accessible for viewers who are deaf and hard of hearing. We worked closely with Microsoft in 1998 to develop a new file format for this medium and have made each subsequent version of Encarta accessible via captioning.

Internet Delivery
Clients can now deliver source programming in any digitized format to us via the Internet. We will prepare caption files and deliver these back to the encoding facility, which uses pull technology (FTP, HTTP, etc.) to grab the data. Internet file service eliminates the time delays caused by traditional work-tape delivery.

Digital Television Access
Digital Television (DTV) presents several challenges for access technologies. Within the broadcast and cable industries, the Media Access Group is the leader in working with equipment manufacturers to ensure that DTV is accessible to people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Feature Film Captioning
The Media Access Group is the only organization that makes feature films accessible to moviegoers who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or visually impaired -- a service known as MoPix®. The patented Rear Window® Captioning System enables theater patrons who are deaf and hard of hearing to watch closed-captioned movies along with the general audience during any regular showing of a captioned film. At the same time, DVS® Theatrical® allows moviegoers who are visually impaired to hear descriptions of the film's key visual elements without distracting other patrons. For theater locations equipped with MoPix®, visit the MoPix® Web site at

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