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DVS® Guide

Spring 2000
Volume 11, Issue 1

Table of Contents
  • News Highlights
  • Large Format Theatre Schedule
  • DVS® Funders

News Highlights
Just in time for election year 2000, you won't want to miss the first original documentary series to profile all 41 of the nation's chief executives, The American President. This PBS series which presents the history of America from the perspective of the White House begins April 9th and consists of ten one-hour programs that will air over five consecutive nights with two installments each night. Funding for description of The American President comes from public television station WNET.

DVS Listings in Local TV Guides and Newspapers
We are happy to report that more and more local newspapers and TV guides across the country are beginning to identify described television programs, by placing a descriptive video symbol next to the program listing. This is a terrific benefit for our viewers-it also heightens the awareness of DVS among the general public. If your local newspaper and TV guide are not identifying programming with DVS, we encourage you to contact the editor of the TV listings and let them know that you would like them to begin to do so.

Coming Soon to DVS Home Video®
Coming to DVS Home Video®is the critically acclaimed, box-office hit, Saving Private Ryan. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks, Saving Private Ryan pays homage to the sacrifice and violence of battle during World War II. Visit our catalogue for the latest, complete list of videos available with description.

Large Format Theatre Schedule
The following is the large format theater movie schedule with DVS for April - June. For specific times, please call the theater nearest you. If your local large format theater is not listed in the schedule, let them know that you would like to see movies with DVS at their theater. To access the descriptions, a theatergoer is given a small receiver, approximately the size of a "Walkman" that has earphones attached. With these headsets, the viewer will hear the descriptions from any seat in the theater. Sound levels are also adjustable.

Langley Theater, Smithsonian, Institution/National Air and Space Museum Washington, DC 202-357-1675
Michael Jordan: To The Max, Cosmic Voyage, Mission To Mir, To Fly!

Entergy IMAX® Theater, Aquarium of the Americas New Orleans, LA 504-581-4629
Dolphins, Migrations: The Epic Journey

Mugar OMNI Theater, Museum of Science Boston, MA 617-723-2500
Dolphins, Mysteries Of Egypt

Wortham IMAX® Theater, Houston Museum of Natural Science Houston, TX 713-639-4705
Migrations: The Epic Journey, Gold Fever, Island Of The Sharks

Laurence Phipps Theater, Denver Museum of Natural History Denver, CO 303-370-6322
Cirque De Soleil, Dolphins, Wild California, Amazon, Mysteries Of Egypt

Tennessee Aquarium IMAX® Theater, Chattangooga, TN 800-262-0695
Dolphins, T Rex

DVS Funders
We extend our sincere thanks to the many corporations, foundations, agencies and viewers who have supported DVS during the past year.

Inaugural Circle

General Motors
NEC Foundation of America
George B. Storer Foundation


National Endowment for the Arts
U.S. Department of Education

Additional Supporters

American Council of the Blind of Ohio
American Express Foundation
American Legion Child Welfare Foundation
Eberhard & Pat Ax
J. Walton Bissell Foundation
The Boston Foundation
The Boston Globe Foundation
John Demetralis
Des Moines Chapter, Iowa Council of the United Blind
Arlene Gordon
GTE Corporation
The George Gund Foundation
Gilbert H. Hood Family Fund
William F. Paul
Pearle Vision Foundation
Reader's Digest Fund for the Blind
George & Eleanor Shearing
Irving M. Shepard, III
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Jo Taliaferro
E. Matilda Ziegler Foundation for the Blind
Major funding for Descriptive Video Service® is provided by the U.S. Department of Education. Cooperative agreements: H026C70004, H026C70005, H026C70007, H327C980003.

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