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Edited Captions/Teachers

Thank you for your interest in Arthur with Edited Captions!
Please take a moment to read this questionnaire, then sit down and watch an episode of Arthur with Edited Captions with your students. To determine when the next broadcast of Arthur is in your viewing area, please check your local listings or log onto and click the "station finder" button to find local station and its programming information.

After watching Arthur, come back and answer the questionnaire. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note: For simplicity, the questionnaire below has been structured to record the experience of a single student. If you have multiple students that you'd like to include in this evaluation, please complete a separate questionnaire for each student.

Tell us about your student:

Your student's hearing level:
Hard of hearing

How often does your student watch Arthur?
New viewer of Arthur
Regular viewer of Arthur

How many episodes of Arthur with Edited Captions has your student seen?
First one
Two - six
Seven or more

Does your student like to listen as he/she reads captions?

Tell us about your student's experience watching Arthur with Edited Captions:

How useful were the Edited Captions for understanding the story presented?
Extremely useful
Very useful
Somewhat useful
Not very useful
Nearly useless

How was the pace of the captions?
Too fast
Very fast
Just right
Very slow
Too slow

What did your student like best about watching Edited Captions on Arthur?

What did your student most dislike about watching Edited Captions on Arthur?

Tell us about your experience with captions:

Have you used Arthur in the classroom before this viewing?

Would you use Arthur with Edited Captions with your students?

Please tell us why.

Your opinion, please:

As the teacher, what did you like about the Edited Captions on Arthur?

What did you dislike about the Edited Captions on Arthur?

What would you change?

What other television programs would you like your students to have available with Edited Captions?

Other comments:

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