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At some point we've all relied on captions, whether you're deaf or hard of hearing, at the gym, a bar or restaurant or if volume simply isn't an option. Captions display spoken dialogue as printed words on the television screen. Captions are specifically designed for viewers who are deaf and hard of hearing however they allow anyone to follow along through carefully placed words that identify speakers, on- and off-screen sound effects, music, and laughter.

Web Captioning

The Media Access Group can supply closed captions for pre-recorded video on the Web through most media platforms, including Quicktime Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player and Flash Player, and real-time captions for live Web events and Web conferencing, including Adobe Connect. We continue to develop new tools to make the Internet and other new media accessible and work with Internet software developers and service providers to ensure that their products feature accessibility options.

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Closed-Captioned Flash Media Player
with Captioning Services Example

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