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May 3, 2001

WGBH's Media Access Group Opens New Los Angeles Location

Clients, Consumers and Supporters Gathered to Experience the Magic of MoPix®x
BURBANK, CA - On May 1, 2001 Media Access Group at WGBH celebrated the opening of their new West Coast location in Burbank, California and new MoPix® technology which provides theatre access for the blind and deaf communities.

Motion Picture Access or MoPix® is a system that allows the blind and deaf communities to enjoy first run filmed entertainment in conventional theatres by providing closed captioning for the deaf and descriptive audio narration for the blind. The goal of the MoPix® Project is for theatre chains to install the technology in cinemas across the country and production studios to caption and describe their films. These installations will enable the nation's 34 million deaf, hard of hearing, and visually impaired to enjoy first run entertainment along with the rest of the moviegoing audience.

The Media Access Group at WGBH's service divisions, The Caption Center and Descriptive Video Service®, provide closed captioning and audio narration for film, television, DVD, home video, CD-ROM and other forms of digital media. Recently PBS televised"Schindler's List"with closed captions and descriptions provided by the Media Access Group.

Many clients, consumers, supporters and celebrities -- including ER'sEmily Wagner and Kristin Minter, and Girlfight's Santiago Douglas attended the event and were given the opportunity to experience MoPix® firsthand. Guests learned the value of making all forms of media accessible to the more than 34 million Americans with sensory disabilities.

Media coverage included ABC News Radio, Red Herring, London Features, Shooting Stars, REX Features, TV3 Sweden, Magnolia Press and Hutchins Photos.

For more information about MoPix® technology or WGBH's various other media access initiatives, please contact Mary Watkins at the Media Access Group, 617.300.3700,

Press contact:
Mary Watkins
Media Access Group at WGBH
(617) 300-3700
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