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Viewer Comments

"What my eyes couldn't see, my ears could hear. It was a miracle and truly worthy of all the efforts made by DVS® to make TV-watching more accessible. My living room came alive with Field of Dreams and Good Will Hunting. And now, a first-run film makes my ears burn with anticipation! Which film will it be in my town that draws me to a theatre along with everyone else who waits in line for a ticket? I'll be waiting not just for a ticket and popcorn. I'll be requesting the headset as I choke back tears of disbelief and gratitude to all who make it possible for motion pictures to be accessible for everyone!"

Jo Taliaferro, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Please pass on my extreme gratitude to the theatre companies for finally including our whole family at the movies! Our son is entering the "dating" age and now has a fun and safe, not to mention popular, outing available to him......don't forget if one person in the family is deaf, no one will go to the movies."

Bruce and Tonya Redekop, (city unknown)

"I want to commend you for the excellent work done by your narrators for the DVS services. Although I am not visually impaired, I find the narration most helpful to me in following story lines, especially on Mystery! and CSI. Both of these shows often take place in the dark and have very complex plots, and the assistance is much appreciated. Keep up the good work."

Joan Baxter, Chapel Hill, N.C.

"More, More, More!!! It'd be great if we could have all programs captioned."

(no name available), Costa Mesa, CA

"I just dropped into your web site while looking for something else and wanted to make another personal comment on the value of captioning. My son - age 16 - is severely hearing impaired and has relied on captions since he first began to read. In fact, like many others, captioning was a process that supported his reading speed and accuracy. When his little sister was 4, he taught her to read on captioned cartoons. Our family preference is now to watch everything with captions because we gain so much more information. Yours is a wonderful and very important service to so many. I only hope that you continue to become stronger and better as you continue your work with television and movies. Thank you."

Catherine Benitz, Logan, UT

" of the most wonderful accomplishments in the creative use of modern media technology! DVS is professional, thorough, complementary to the dialogue, creative and intelligent in choice of words and vividness of descriptions, and just simply entertaining as all get-out!"

Bob Burnham, Santa Barbara, CA

"I am thirteen years old...Sometimes my teacher gives us assignments in which we have to listen to the radio or watch the news. I wouldn't be able to do the assignments if there wasn't any captioning...I'd feel so left out if I couldn't watch TV."

W.O., Sudbury, MA

"HEAR HERE! WGBH has given the blind one of the greatest things we have had since computer speech. We can now got to a movie and know what's going on. We don't have to turn to our sighted friends and keep asking them, "What's happening?"

Jim Congdon (city unknown)

"I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is that our 13-year-old son is able to see movies at the same time as his friends. While he has always had the option of seeing movies with captions on DVD or VHS, these always come out months or years after his friends have seen them. Young people with hearing losses have enough problems communicating with their peers without being left out of conversations about current movies. It is great for him to see them at the same time as his friends so he can feel a part of what is going on with his friends. Seeing a movie may not seem like a big deal to those who can do so whenever they want, but movies are an important part of teen culture and a vital part of my son's connection to others. Thank you so much for the investment in Rear Window Captioning and for the experience you make possible for my son and others like him."

Doreen Tully (city unknown)

"Captions are our best friends. We have 100% accessibility through captions. We benefit so much more than you can imagine!"

(no name available), Faribault, MN

"My first experience with DVS was very emotional. It was like somebody had opened a door into a new world, in which I was able to see with my ears what most people see with their eyes."

Jane Morin, Auburn, MA

"Captioning is vital to my life. It is part of my cultural life which enables me to participate in the society."

(no name available), Rego Park, NY

"I had an exciting experience while on vacation in Chicago visiting my daughter last week. We went to the DVS movie presentation of Men in Black II at the AMC Theatre in Lombard, IL. This is the first time I've been in a movie theatre in years and the experience was wonderful."

Gilbert E. Lutz, Toledo, OH

"...a normal 'life'...access to information and entertainment."

G. Murphy, Columbus, OH

"Words cannot express my appreciation and I thank you (and patronize) all who are responsible for this wonderful service."

S.B., Stoughton, MA

Last Updated 12/03

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