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Raquel is back!

Five years have passed, and there's a new mystery for her to solve for the Castillo family!

Come to the world of Nuevos Destinos, a new Spanish-language multimedia series from WGBH. Nuevos Destinos is funded by Annenberg/CPB and produced by WGBH in collaboration with The McGraw-Hill Companies.

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Lucia and another of Raquel and Arturo together

The Video
Nuevos Destinos includes 15 video episodes, each about 1/4 hour long. In the telenovela-style videos, Raquel Rodríguez, a lawyer from Los Angeles, recounts her travels around the world in search of the heirs of a terminally ill Mexican industrialist. She tells her story to a young lawyer, Lucía Hinojosa, who is executor of the family estate, which has been mysteriously challenged by the Mexican government. And Raquel has her own problems to contend with: will Arturo return to her from Buenos Aires, or is their relationship coming to an end?

The video episodes incorporate extensive footage from the original telecourse, Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish, together with newly produced segments.

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Raquel in office doorway  and desktop with items.

Each video episode is accompanied by a companion episode on the CD-ROM. In the CD-ROM, you serve as a legal assistant in Raquel's office. Both Raquel and Lucía provide you with the documents, audiotapes, and reference materials they encounter in the video stories. While you gain further experience with written and spoken Spanish, you also gain crucial information that leads to a resolution of the new crisis -- and you may be able to unravel the mystery before the lawyers themselves figure it out!

The CD-ROM provides an integrated, task-based language-learning experience. It includes interactive comprehension exercises and activities as well as writing opportunites.

Note: The CD-ROM works on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

To order Nuevos Destinos, call Annenberg/CPB at 1-800-LEARNER or visit Annenberg/CPB's Web site.

Course Materials
Nuevos Destinos has been designed for use by several levels of Spanish language learners. McGraw-Hill is developing new course materials to accompany the Nuevos Destinos video and CD-ROM:

Nuevos Destinos (Author: Cindy Medina) is a core student textbook and two separate workbooks that make the text appropriate for two different courses: 1) a high beginner course (review of first year), and 2) a second year grammar review course. The textbook contains a preliminary chapter, plus 15 regular chapters that correlate to the 15 video episodes. Each of the workbooks, respectively, also has an audio lab component. There is also be an Annotated Teacher's Edition, as well as an Instructor's Manual.

Con destino a la comunicación (Authors: Paul Chandler, Rafael Gómez, Connie Kihyet, Michael Sharron) is an intermediate level (2nd or 3rd year) text and accompanying workbook. Throughout its 15 chapters students work on the development of their conversation and composition skills in Spanish while exploring interesting themes and intriguing questions. An authentic reading in each chapter also assists with their development of reading skills. An audio component is integrated into both the core textbook and the workbook.

NUEVOS DESTINOS:Español para hispanohablantes (Author: A. Raymond Elliott) is designed for Heritage Speakers of Spanish who demonstrate an ability to comprehend and produce Spanish but who lack previous formal instruction in the language. The principal goal of this course is to capitalize upon students' existing language skills, expand their knowledge base and develop their ability to read, write, and communicate more effectively in the language. Special attention is given to regional and dialectal differences, thus describing varieties of Spanish spoken in the US and throughout the world.

For further information about Nuevos Destinos coordinated print and audio materials, contact McGraw-Hill at 1-800-338-3987.

Music CD
The original soundtrack music to Destinos and Nuevos Destinos is available from McGraw-Hill (ISBN 0-07-234649-3) at 1-800-338-3987 or from ArtMedia.

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