Michele Korf (left), director of educational programming, and producer Denny Houghton collaborate with nationally renowned clinician Dr. Mel Levine on WGBH's Learning Differences Project (working title), a multi-faceted initiative aimed at giving parents and educators the tools they need to help children with different learning styles fulfill their potential. The project includes a national television series, family and teacher training video libraries, and a range of interactive resources for parents and educators. WGBH's Eileen Hughes and Arthur join Quincy Public Library staff for a presentation to children enrolled in the Lincoln Hancock School's after-school program. WGBH is partnering with the Association for Library Services to Children to help libraries build on the success of Arthur, WGBH's Emmy Award-winning children's series and Marc Brown's popular books, to inspire kids to read. WGBH's Sound & Spirit team -- executive producer Jon Solins, producer Helen Barrington, and host Ellen Kushner -- discuss Storytelling, a show that looks at how words and music intertwine to explore life's challenges, from an Irish love ballad to a Tex-Mex corrido about border politics. Produced for Public Radio International and heard on more than 100 radio stations from coast to coast, the weekly series presents a mix of music and information connecting cultures around the world and through the ages.

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