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Way Downtown

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See "New Television, Episode 303 (1987)" for descriptions of video materials.

Broadcast as Episode 303 of the 1987 season of "New Television."

An 8 X 10 black-and-white photographic print shows a monitor still of the piece. The record for "New Television, Episode 303 (1987)" describes the videos of the completed episode.

"Way Downtown" combines animated and electronically enhanced still images with scenes of public life from an Asian culture. In the opening sequence a still image is slowly animated to show frantically ticking clocks. Images from advertising and mass media are juxtaposed against scenes of window washers and street crowds. The piece is approximately eight minutes long.

Driving rock music, "Guitar Trio," by Rhys Catham accompanies the work.

Mass media

See Also:
New Television, Episode 303 (1987)

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