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Larrieu, Daniel
Letacon, Jean-Louis

See the record for "New Television, Episode 502 (1989)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

Broadcast as Episode 502 of the 1989 season of "New Television."

See the record for "New Television, Episode 502 (1989)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

In choreographer Daniel Larrieu's "Waterproof," an ensemble cast of male and female dancers performs in and around an indoor swimming pool. Much of the work is filmed and performed underwater, where the dancers engage in movement sequences that are simultaneously athletic and sensuous. In the opening sequence the dancers work on the bottom of the pool, in alignment with the painted lines, turning upside down and extending arms and legs in oddly suspended poses. At one point the dancers, sporting trench coats, execute a rhythmic traveling sequence on the side of the pool, which ends with their diving into the water. Underwater, they slowly disrobe, and they are seen as a great watery mass, shot from below. In a spirited set of duets dancers, wearing brightly colored flotation devices on their arms and legs, perform aggressive partnering sequences at the surface of the water. A male dancer crawls along the floor of the pool. Still clothed in a trench coat, he passes over discarded clothing that has sunk to the bottom, and under fellow dancers who are working closer to the surface of the water. In a duet a man crouching by the side of the pool continually lifts a woman in and out of the water, suspending her by her arms and legs. As the ensemble works at the water's surface, their reflections and their actual bodies interact and become indistinguishable. The work is performed by Compagnie ASTRAKAN. It is 22 minutes long.

A variety of music is played as part of the work's sound score, including an operatic piece, and vivacious rock and roll. At times, the only score is the amplified sounds made by the dancers.

The dancers are clad in black bathing suits and occasional overcoats.

Letacon, Jean-Louis

Brunet, Dominique
Fremy, Anne
Fremy, Claude
Rondini, Lawrence
Buffard, Alain
Chauvin, Didier
Larrieu, Daniel
Lombard, Bertrand
Reilhac, Michel

Modern dance


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