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Vestibule (In 3 Episodes)

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Ken Kobland

Kobland, Ken

1 videoreel of 1 (ca. 60 min.) : sd., col. and b&w ; 2 in.
1 videocassette of 1 (Betacam SP) (ca. 60 min.) : sd., col. and b&w ; 1/2 in.
1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (ca. 60 min.) : sd., col. and b&w ; 1/2 in.

This work by Ken Kobland was acquired by the Workshop to be broadcast as part of "Artist's Showcase."

Includes a 2" master, Betacam SP preservation master, and VHS screening tape. "Vestibules" is accompanied on these tapes by the dance work "9 Variations on a Dance Theme."

Episode 1: "Place" -- The color image of an apartment building vestibule shot from across the street is accompanied by a sound track of street sounds and narrated text adapted from The Moviegoer by Walker Percy. Excerpts of the text are displayed in the lower third of the screen. The image of the vestibule is interrupted by a girl riding a bicycle, a child riding a scooter, a man carrying a glass vase, and a man driving a red Pontiac. Each of these actions occurs in slow motion from right to left and is accompanied by text in the lower third of the screen that describes the action.
Episode 2: "Obsession" -- The black-and-white footage of a man standing at a cluttered desk showing black-and-white photographs of vestibules (by Flip McCarthy) is accompanied by a soundtrack of dialogue between the man showing the photographs and the man holding the camera. The image then cuts to a woman, dressed alternately in red and blue dresses, wandering through a maze of hallways. Text displayed in the lower third of the screen describes the images as belonging to a dream or memory in which the speaker is led by a woman identified as "C" through a maze of hallways.
Episode 3: "A Melodram(ia)" -- Color footage of a man, naked but for white socks, stepping into a vestibule to pick up and eventually discard a crumpled letter before leaving by the stairs. The work is approximately 23 minutes in length.

The final section is accompanied by a soundtrack of piano and operatic singing in Italian mixed with another song possibly entitled "Mr. Lonely."

Kobland, Ken

Kobland, Ken

Kobland, Ken

CAPS, 1978
Dry Salvage Film Group

Warrilow, David (Man)
Campbell, Nancy (Woman)

Entrance halls

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