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Total Rain

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The Kitchen and Richard Foreman

Foreman, Richard

See the record for "New Television, Episode 611 (1990)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

Broadcast as Episode 611 of the 1990 season of "New Television."

See the record for "New Television, Episode 611 (1990)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

"A half-hour narrative for television written by Richard Foreman, the piece stars Foreman and his ďalter ego,' played by the actor Ron Vawter. Foreman acts out his own aesthetic, social, and moral dilemmas through interior, psychological journeys and actual, physical journeys as he travels from America to Paris and back. Through his interactions with his alter ego, he postulates the need for moral resolution and exposes the contradictions inherent in romantic longing. The piece is full of witty trickery, visual puns, and tongue twisters, as Foreman becomes a kind of archetypal icon for many hidden (perhaps not so obscure) neurotic tendencies in contemporary American society." -- WGBH press release

In ongoing dialogue with Vawter, Foreman analyzes the relationship between writer and actor. Everything Vawter says has been scripted by Foreman and is usually to the latter's advantage. The idea of rain as a metaphor runs through the work. "Come in out of the rain, fella," Vawter implores Foreman repeatedly. Foreman speaks of the name Quentin and its significance in his own life and in the Faulkner novels "Absalom, Absalom" and "The Sound and the Fury." He talks about the dizzying influence of Faulkner's "torrential" style. Foreman examines his relationship to Paris. Kate Manheim, who traveled through the city with him in 1973, is drawn into the work. As Foreman's confrontational style breaks down, his own vulnerabilities rise to the surface of the work. "Total Rain" is 27 minutes long.

Foreman, Richard
Bowes, Ed

Hedstrom, Cynthia
Tsumagari, Barbara (Executive Producer)

New Television (Producer in Association)

Lister, Ardele
Roesler, Bob (CMX Editor)
MacAuley, Scott (Assistant Editor)

Art Matters, Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts
New York State Council on the Arts

Vawter, Ron
Manheim, Kate
Foreman, Richard
Charlton, Margette
Kiesler, Lilian
Gulilmetti, Paul
Rosenbaum, Marc
Sollhub, Darius
Ashley, George
Black, Simon
D'Amanda, Christopher
Snyder, Scott
St. Paule, Irma
Lambert, Bernard
Pimpaneau, Jacques
Sacker, Elion

Experimental theater
Paris (France)


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