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Sydney an der Wupper

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Eine X-Film Produktion, Bettina Woernle

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Woernle, Bettina

See the record for "New Television, Episode 405 (1988)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

See the record for "New Television, Episode 405 (1988)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

"Sydney an der Wupper" is a film featuring the Australian dancer Meryl Tankard. Tankard goes through a day in the city, riding the subway, taking a singing lesson, and bathing at a public house. As the work progresses, it becomes harder and harder to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Tankard's character imagines herself dancing with a man across train platforms and through streets. In one scene the two of them are dancing on a hockey rink, sliding across the icy surface. Tankard climbs ladders and catwalks at dizzying heights above the train platforms. Finally, she arrives at an abandoned booth-shaped bar. At this point she is dressed in a reddish evening gown with jewels. She pours herself a drink and smokes in the bar, and we see her vamping it up. Dialogue from "A Place in the Sun" plays and adds to the melodrama, as Tankard continues to vamp it up. She struts about the booth and on a platform outside. As the work draws to a close, we find her singing and dancing in the booth bar, shimmying and belting out a tune in English. The film has a bluish hue to it, and the red of Tankard's wardrobe stands out prominently. The work is almost 50 minutes long.

Musical direction was by Christina Bollman. A Puccini aria plays at different intervals throughout the work.

For much of the work Tankard wears a blue overcoat. Eventually, she changes into a red evening dress. The costumes were designed by Henriette Knoblauch.

Woernle, Bettina

Schult, Malkin (Assistant Editor)
Maye, Christel

Gillessen, Kristin
Kaufmann, Urs
Rub, Maria
Tankard, Meryl

Modern dance
Cities and towns


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