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Video clip of Split Britches

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Split Britches

See the record for "New Television, Episode 412 (1988)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.
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Matthew Geller

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Geller, Matthew

Based on the original work conceived and directed by Lois Weaver. Broadcast as Episode 412 of the 1988 season of "New Television."

See the record for "New Television, Episode 412 (1988)" for descriptions of videos containing this work. A single file folder contains correspondence.

This is the story of three women of the Gearhart (Gerehart) family from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, set sometime in the 1930's. Della comes to her enfeebled relatives' ramshackle farmhouse to care for them. Constant squabbling is often pacified by periods of singing among the women. Before the story begins, the writer, Lois Weaver, gives an introduction to the story, in which she reveals it is a true story based on research she did on her Virginia ancestors. Straightforward direction is occasionally interrupted by cinema-veritÚ-style camera movements. The action is periodically interrupted by asides spoken to the camera by the characters.

Costumes were designed by Susan Young.

Geller, Matthew
Osborn, Barbara (Associate Director)

Geller, Matthew

Osborn, Barbara
New Television

Geller, Matthew
Osborn, Barbara

Artists New Works Program
New York Foundation for the Arts, Fellowship Program
New York State Art Council
National Endowment for the Arts

Margolin, Deborah (Emma Gay)
Shaw, Peggy (Della Mae)
Weaver, Lois (Cora Jane)

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