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Daniel Reeves

Reeves, Daniel

Broadcast as part of Episode 105 of the 1991 season of "New Television."

"This is a eulogy to the North Indian poet Kabir and other Indian mystics. The title refers to the word,' the original sound of existence. Excerpts from poems are interwoven with a continuous flow of images and sounds of daily life situations in India." -- WGBH press release

The Indian landscape is revealed through pictures of workers harvesting wheat, a full moon visible between two trees, and wildlife in their natural habitats. Scenes showing street life and details of temples and spiritual icons depict elements of Indian life. Special effects render figures in motion as fleeting, almost transparent images. Featured poetry is by Nammalavar (880 - 930 A.D.), Kabir (1398 1448 A.D.), Basavanna (1106 1167 A.D.), and Ramprasad Sen (1718 1785 A.D.). The work is approximately 14 minutes in length.

Sung music, "Kabir's Song," is by Swami Chidvilasananda.

Reeves, Daniel
Schweitzer, Debra (Associate Producer)

Reeves, Daniel
Feist, Rick (CMX Editor)

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
New York State Council on the Arts
Port Washington Public Library


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