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Public Nuisance, A

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Margaret Sanger Film Project, Inc.

Svoboda, Terese
Bull, Steve

See the record for "New Television, Episode 304 (1993)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

Broadcast as Episode 304 of the 1993 season of "New Television."

"A Public Nuisance," from a script written by Esther Katz and Terese Svoboda, is a look at the life and work of Margaret Sanger. Sanger's role as a radical advocate of birth control and women's rights is examined through quotations from her own writings and the public record -- archival film and still images and dramatizations of key events in Sanger's life. While seriously upholding Sanger as a pioneer and hero, the work manages to be humorous in its approach and includes several vignettes in the style of vaudeville performances.

The score, which evokes piano rags and silent movie accompaniment, was composed by Miki Navazio.

Costumes were provided by "The Costume Collection."

Svoboda, Terese
Bull, Steve

Abrasch, Barbara (Producer, Executive Producer)
Hegarty, Laurence
Katz, Esther

Media Alliance Online Program

Svoboda, Terese
Bull, Steve
Ellsworth, David (Online Editor)
Ward, Mark (Online Editor)

Biagi, Giancarlo
Blake, Larry
Bull, Franklin
Carlson, Susan
Charas, Andrew
Dinnerstein, Rachel
Ellis, Richard
Fernandez, Laura
Flynn, Thomas
Gale, George
Gersch, Karen
Hackett, Ruth
Hang, Kate
Hegarty, Laurence
Hutner, Nathaniel
Seckinger, R. Anna
Smith, Rose
Feliciello, Ralph (The Reporter)

Birth control

Sanger, Margaret

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