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Video clip of My Puberty

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My Puberty

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Ilene Segalove

Segalove, Ilene

Broadcast as a segment of Episode 406 of the 1988 season of "New Television."

"A humorous series of video vignettes, drawn from a feminist perspective, that places the viewer in the artist's last days of girlhood." -- WGBH press release

Writer and director Ilene Segalove plays herself in this dramatization of puberty. As "Little Ilene," she soaks up her Uncle Harry's cliches about womanhood, while downing ribs at a family barbecue, surrounded by Wonderbread and Velveeta cheese packages. She attempts to buy a bra, and after seeing "Gidget Goes Hawaiian," begins to experience longing for boys. She outlines a rapid succession of crushes on boys (played by actual youngsters). The work evokes the period of the early sixties with brightly colored sets. "My Puberty" is approximately 10 minutes long.

Stephen Proffitt is credited with "sound design."

Vibrant period costumes designed by Leone Webster add to the overall themes and moods of the work.

Segalove, Ilene
Collins, Robert E. (Director of Photography)

Murphy, Karen

Channel Four Television, London (Producer in Association)
New Television (Producer in Association)

Kirby, Peter

Segalove, Ilene (Little Ilene)
Maar, Pons (Uncle Harry)
Cleator, Molly (Aunt Leah)
Gershman, Jeremy
O'Dell, Ben
O'Rourke, Craig
Preet, Gillian
Scott, Michael
Zemmelman, Laurie


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