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M. F. K. Fisher: Writer with a Bite

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Kathi Wheater

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4/28/93 (WGBH/Channel 2)

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Wheater, Kathi

1 folder
See the record for "New Television, Episode 201 (1992)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

Broadcast as Episode 201 of the 1992 season of "New Television."

A file folder contains correspondence, contracts, and newspaper reviews, all dealing directly with the program. Also contained are resumes of Kathi Wheater, the director/producer of the program. See the record for "New Television, Episode 201 (1992)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

"An intimate and provocative conversation with one of America's foremost food writers, Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher, which was completed shortly before her death in 1992. At the age of 81 at the time of the taping, Fisher...shares her influences, her loves, her abilities, and views on the act of writing, and a few juicy asides about sex, aging, and compulsiveness, to illuminate her lifelong theme...What feeds us?" -- WGBH press release

The program employs an overlapping format, layering Fisher's interview with narrative excerpts. The style allows Fisher and her work to speak for themselves. Video artist Lynn Hershman is listed as creative consultant.

Music includes "Tangerine" by John H. Mercer and Victor Schertzinger, performed by Chet Baker, and "Cradle Song," op. 49 no. 4 by Johannes Brahms, performed by Daniell Revenaugh.

Wheater, Kathi

Wheater, Kathi

Sweeney, Skip
Jensen, Steve
Gunnarsdottir, Hrafbhildur

Wheater, Kathi (Narrator)
Fisher, M. F. K.


Fisher, M. F. K.

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