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Lauf der Dinge, Der

Alternative Title:
Way Things Go, The
Way Things Are, The

Copyright Date:

Copyright Holder:
T & C Film AG, Peter Fischli, and David Weiss

Materials Date:

Fischli, Peter
Weiss, David

One folder
See the record for "New Television, Episode 410 (1988)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

Broadcast as a segment of Episode 410 of the 1988 season of "New Television."

File folder contains broadcast schedules and correspondence concerning the artists and their piece. See the record for "New Television, Episode 410 (1988)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

"The Way Things Go" examines simple laws of physics, presenting a symphony of cause and effect, using simple household and industrial items. In an empty warehouse, a succession of events take place that set into motion a prolonged chain reaction. Tires, ladders, ramps, garbage bags, and bottles twist, spin, tilt, and fall, hurtling into one another with a domino effect. Bottles full of water are tipped over and spill into cavities below, the increased weight of which sets attached wheels into motion. Candles and lit objects are propelled into space, causing explosions and traveling fires. The events are presented with very few edits. The work is approximately 31 minutes long.

Jordi, Hans Ulrich
Hoehn, Marcel

T & C Film AG, Zurich
Richterich, Alfred

Trinkler, Rainer M.
Krakenberger, Mirjam


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