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Alternative Title:
Hoopla! (long version)
Hoppla! (short version)

Copyright Date:

Copyright Holder:
A.O. Productions
La Sept

Kolb, Wolfgang
De Keersmaker, Anna Teresa (Choreographer)

See the record for "New Television, Episode 610 (1990)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

Broadcast as Episode 610 of the 1990 season of "New Television." Two versions, a long and short version, were created.

See the record for "New Television, Episode 610 (1990)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

The long version of "Hoppla!" consists of two sections. In the first, a man and a woman perform a duet in a large, open room. They come together and pull apart, eventually working to a spiraling partnering sequence. As the camera pans the space, views of other buildings appear from the windows. In the second section, four women dance together, breaking in and out of unison movements. Gradually they pick up speed, twirling. At times, the camera focuses on close-up details of their clothing, hair, and faces. They appear to be dancing in a large library.

Music by Bela Bartok accompanies the work. The first duet is to "Microkosmos (Seven Pieces for Two Pianos)," and is performed by Walter Hus and Stefan Poelmans. They perform the work live, seated at pianos behind the dancers. The quartet section is danced to Quatuor No. 4 and is performed by the Mondriaan Kwartet -- Prunella Pacey, Edwin Blakenstium, Edward Van Resteren Altena, and Jan Erik Van Resteren Altena. These musicians also appear live alongside the dancers.

All the dancers wear black. In the quartet section, the women's twirling skirts complement the movements. Costumes are by Anette de Wilde.

Osterrleth, Marie Pascale
de Greef, Hugo

A. O. Productions
La Sept
Zen, Ltd.

Maerten, Rudi

Saunier, Johanne
Ducort, Jean-Luc
De Keersmaker, Anna Teresa
Ganase, Nadine
Huilmand, Roxane
Ikeda, Fumiyo
Hus, Walter
Poelmans, Stefan
Pacey, Prunella
Blakenstium, Edwin
Van Resteren Altena, Edward
Van Resteren Altena, Jan Erik

Modern dance


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