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Homage by Assassination

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Elia Suleiman

Air Date:
9/5/92 (WGBH/Channel 2)

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Suleiman, Elia

1 folder
See the record for "New Television, Episode 204 (1992)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

Broadcast as Episode 204 of the 1992 season of "New Television."

File folder contains correspondence, contract, descriptions of the artist's works, and production and funding information concerning the artist and the work. See the record for "New Television, Episode 204 (1992)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

"This autobiographical film depicts E. S., a Palestinian who is writing a film script in New York City during the Persian Gulf war, and his growing alienation from the exterior world. In a claustrophobic environment, E. S. attempts to capture, define, and take control of his fractured reality. In his mind, E. S. concludes that at the heart of the war lie language and misrepresentation. Suleiman uses a sparse audio track, the Arabic language, and still, stark images to convey his alienation and helplessness in a world full of dilemmas and frustration." -- WGBH press release

The opening sequence is from "Thikraiat Al Andalous" by Hassan Erraji and Arabesque. Also included are short excerpts from "Thowar" by Om Kalsoum, "Sayfonn Faliyoush'har" by Fairuz, "Ana Alshar" by Om Kalsoum and "Ya Ahlan Bil Maarik" by Abdel Halim Hafez. The credit sequence is from "Ghaba Naharon Akhar" by Seham Shammas.

Cobo, Juan Cristobal (Director of Photography)
Suleiman, Elia

Elliott, Dolores (Line Producer)
Elst, Hendrika Ter Elst (Associate Producer)
Suleiman, Elia

Cine Tele Films (Co-executive Producer)

Hein, Robert

New York State Council on the Arts
Hubert Bals Fund, Rotterdam

McIsaac (Radio Announcer)
Wilde, Adrienne (The Couple)
Harriman, Robert (The Couple)
Suleiman, Elia (Himself)
Shohat, Ella Habiba (Woman Voiceover)
Srouji, Samir (Man Voiceover)

Persian Gulf war, 1991

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