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Hail the New Puritan

Alternative Title:
Dream Dancer

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Charles Atlas

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Atlas, Charles

See "New Television, Episode 301 (1987)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.
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"Hail the New Puritan," which was called "Dream Dancer" while in development, was broadcast as Episode 301 of the 1987 season of "New Television." Segments of the work were also shown on an episode of "Alive From Off Center."

The videotapes, all of them copies of the completed work, are described under the record for "New Television, Episode 301 (1987)." Two file folders contain correspondence, memorandums, production notes, credits listings, an exhibition catalog, legal information, and contracts concerning the artist and the piece. Black-and-white promotional photographs for the piece exist.

"Hail the New Puritan," 1987, by video artist Charles Atlas, is a portrait of the British modern dance choreographer Michael Clark. Clark is seen over the course of a day rehearsing with his dancers, staging his works for promotional reasons, being interviewed by a writer, socializing with friends, and club hopping. Guest appearances by Leigh Bowery, Clark collaborator, costume designer, and performance artist, and his friend Trojan are littered throughout the work. While all the events are staged, many take on the atmosphere of a more typical documentary style. The dancers in Clark's company become characters, and a camera follows their movements throughout the day. Many lengthy sections of Clark's dance works are shown. Clark is presented in a somewhat tongue in cheek vein as a sensation and an "enfant terrible." At one point, we see him running through the streets to escape from a group of admirers.

Featured music includes works by The Fall, Glen Branca, Bruce Gilbert, and Jeffrey Hinton.

The costumes the dancers wear for the staged works are loud, revealing, punkish outfits designed by Leigh Bowery.

Atlas, Charles

Wimhurst, Jolyon
Best Endeavors (Channel Four, London)
Moffatt, Francesca (Associate Producer)
Dowling, Susan (Executive Producer, New Television)
Bianchi, Lois (Executive Producer, New Television)

Channel Four Television, London
New Television

Atlas, Charles

Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities
National Endowment for the Arts
New York State Council on the Arts
Rockefeller Foundation

Clark, Michael
Agis, Gaby
Bryant, Leslie
Hawkins, Matthew
Hood, Julie
Van Schuylenburch
Auburn, Rachel
Binnie, Christine
Bowery, Leigh
Clark, Malcolm
Evans, Cerith Wyn
Murray, David
Smith, Brix E.
Smith, Mark E.
Bakke, Jalle
Batterham, Indigo
Binnie, Jennifer
Branson, Luke
Clarke, Bessie
Cooke, Angus
Doughty, Tony
Durrant, Robert
Fodor, Julia
Fried, Peter
Hinton, Jeffrey
Hubbard, Cheryl
Johnson, Wilma
Lauren, Marie
Mac, James
Maloney, Brian
Marmoch, Tony
Neel, Louise
Niverson, Adi
O'Brien, Mel
Pellay, Lana
Perry, Grayson
Richardson, Monny
Sheppard, Johnny
Tilley, Sue
Westwood, Jill
Witts, Dick
Bowery, Leigh

Modern dance
Dance production
London (England)
Clark, Michael

Modern dance

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