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Ena's Adventures, Part II

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Lee Eiferman

Eiferman, Lee

1 videocassette of 1 (ca. 45 min.) : sd., col. ; 3/4 in.
See the record for "New Television, Episode 406 (1988)" for additional descriptions of videos containing this work.

Broadcast as a segment of Episode 406 of the 1988 season of "New Television."

A 3/4" screening copy of the work exists. See the record for "New Television, Episode 406 (1988)" for additional descriptions of videos containing this work.

"An inventive western fantasy based on radio serials of the 1930's that touches on the mysteries of clairvoyance, the dangers of the desert, and the socialist themes of labor and management." -- WGBH press release

A young woman, Ena, journeys through the desert on a bicycle, arriving exhausted at the home of a fortune teller, who convinces her to have a tarot card reading. The reading reveals much of Ena's past and much that is in her future, but she declines to see the final card, the card of possibilities, and continues on her way. In town, she meets a handsome young man, Nick, who invites her to stay at his place for the night. Soon the two of them are a couple and she is engaged in his plan to create a community, influenced by the teachings of anticapitalism and agrarian reform. Slowly, Ena, who works as a WPA photographer, begins to feel stifled by Nick as he becomes more domineering, attempting to control her work schedule and her thinking. The situation comes to a head when a traveling circus stops on their land and Nick resents them openly. Ena leaves him, returning to the fortune teller to enquire about the final card from her reading. Inventive painted sets serve as a backdrop for the work. The work was written and directed by Lee Eiferman.

Music is by Bill Obrecht.

Eiferman, Lee
Duch, Tim (Art Director)
Phillips, Michael (Director of Photography)

Albert, Joan

New Television (Producer in Association)

Crawford, Tom (Online Editor)
Feist, Rick (Online Editor)

New York State Council for the Arts

Hasse, Cathy (Ena)
Lemos, Paul (Nick)
Bove, Elizabeth (Tarot Reader)
Tambini, Catherine (Mary Lou Convivale)
Arbona, Steve (Shadow, Cigar Man, Thug #1)
Thurston, Steve (Thug #2)
Phillips, Barry (Johnny Austin)
Breilbarth, David (Shadow Man, John)
Lee, Mary Beth (Mary)
Islander, J. C. (Lion Tamer)
Nieli, Dale (Tightrope Walker)
Kaufman, Deborah (Clown)
Muir, Laurie (Bearded Lady)
Bell, Mark (Strong Man)

Interpersonal relations


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