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Edit 1

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Tavarelli, Jane
Hudson, Jeff

1 videocassette of 1 (Betacam SP) (ca. 6 1/2 min.) : sd., b&w ; 1/2 in.
1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (ca. 6 1/2 min.) : sd., b&w ; 1/2 in.
1 videocassette of 1 (ca. 6 1/2 min.) : sd., b&w ; 3/4 in.

This work was created while Jane Tavarelli and Jeff Hudson were in residence at WGBH. It appears to have been broadcast as part of "Artist's Showcase."

It is unclear whether "Edit 1" was the actual title of the work or was merely derived from the labeled tape. 3/4" and VHS screening copies of this work exist, as does a Betacam SP preservation master.

In "Edit 1" several experiments address issues of identity and capture unique examples of movement for the camera. A vinyl record is rolled and spun across the surface of the floor. Quick edits heighten the sense of frantic motion. Hands flip through the pages of a thick hardcover book. The moving pages fleetingly reveal images of Hollywood starlets. A woman, probably Jane Tavarelli, has her head covered by a nylon piece of cloth, through which her face can be seen. Enhanced by quick edits, she repositions herself and the cloth, which distorts her facial expressions. Using a split-screen effect, Tavarelli compares herself to still images of Hollywood stars as she positions herself into sometimes uncomfortable positions that mirror these poses. A voiceover comments on the appearance of both images. In the final segment,the screen is divided into three sections, all of which feature Tavarelli's mouth singing "Row Your Boat."

In the first segment featuring the vinyl records the sounds of the Velvet Underground's "Train Around the Bend" are heard. In the third section Jane Tavarelli poses with the nylon cloth to the strains of a female blues vocalist.

Tappan, Olivia (Production Coordinator)

New Television Workshop, WGBH

Kane, Pat (Video Editor)
McKnight, John (Video Editor)

Rockefeller Foundation
Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities

Tavarelli, Jane


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