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Dream Moments

Uelsmann, Jerry

8 videocassettes of 8 : sd., col. ; 3/4 in.
3 folders
See "Dreamworks" for descriptions of videos containing this completed work.

Includes eight 3/4" screening tapes containing original footage and working drafts. Black-and-white negatives and photographic prints and color slides and photographic prints showing scenes from the production set exist. See "Dreamworks" for descriptions of videos containing this completed work.

In "Dream Moments," which is approximately five minutes long, a figure walking across the beach is surrounded by manipulated backgrounds that dissolve into one another. Images of traffic and flowing curtains are juxtaposed against the recurring sight of crashing waves, made rich with color and texture through image processing. At one point a figure makes its way into a church interior, fading in and out of sight.

Weather, Bill

WJCT, Jacksonville, Florida
Kossoff, Dan (Executive Producer of Special Projects)

Bolinski, Valerie
Sass, Barney


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