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Body Beautiful, The

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B.F.I. Productions

Onwurah, Ngozi A.

See the record for "New Television, Episode 306 (1993)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

Broadcast as Episode 306 of the 1993 season of "New Television."

See the record for "New Television, Episode 306 (1993)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

This autobiographical story, written and directed by Ngozi Onwurah, shows a daughter coming to terms with her own body and the difficulties endured by her mother, a breast cancer survivor who has undergone a mastectomy. Although most of the work is dramatized, Onwurah's mother, Madge, plays herself in a candid and inspiring performance. The stories of both the mother and the daughter provide narration for the film. At the age of 16, the daughter becomes a model. Comfortable with her body, she drags her mother along to a public sauna. When the mother falls asleep and her towel slips to reveal the scars of her surgery, the daughter becomes aware of the uncomfortable stares of the other women in the sauna. There is a sequence which shows Madge Onwurah engaging in intimate behavior with a younger man. The work ends with mother and daughter sleeping side by side in the nude.

Original music score written and performed by Anthony Quigley and Jonathan Hirst.

Onwurah, Simon K. (Assistant Director)
Collis, Peter (Director of Photography)
Onwurah, Ngozi A.

Solomon, Liz
Ogborn, Kate (Executive Producer)

B.F.I. Productions
Channel Four Television, London (Producer in Association)

Baker, Susan (Dubbing Editor)
Webber, Liz

Onwurah, Madge (Herself, Narration)
Rowell, Rosie (Daughter's Narration)
Martin, Sian (Daughter)
Bovell, Brian (Young Man)
Douglass, Maureen (Young Mother)
Altinson, Louis
Dobson, Linda
Gray, Richard
McKay, Haley
McKay, Michael
McKay, Nina
Nonyela, Valentine
Saffron (Model)
Novlet (Model)
Parks, Ann
Yeomans, Jane
Carr, Nadja

Breast -- Cancer
Body image

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