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Concert Dance Company

See related records for descriptions of videos containing this work.
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This work was featured in two dance showcases produced for the "Frames of Reference" series -- "Dance in Open Spaces" and "A Place to Dance."

See related records for descriptions of videos containing this work. Documentation includes production schedules, correspondence, budgets, and a transcript of a conversation with the company about video dance. Approximately 30 3 X 5 black-and-white photographic prints show the dancers on location, planning the creation of the piece.

In this short, moody work by the Concert Dance Company, dancers strike poses around a rushing river. The dancers merge with the surrounding landscape, echoing the curves and bends in trees and river rocks. Images of the steady motion of the river and shadows playing on rocks add to the naturalistic look and feel of the work.

Michael Colgrass

Barzyk, Fred

Barzyk, Fred

Tappan, Olivia
Mason, Nancy

Asnes, Ann
Grose, Danny
Hayden, Patrick
Pettit, Faith
Plumb, Jim
Wolf, Deborah

Modern dance
Natural areas


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