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Artist in the Seventies, An: Peter Campus

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Peter Campus

1 videoreel of 1 (30 min.) : sd., col. ; 2 in.
1 videoreel of 1 (30 min.) : sd., col. ; 2 in.
1 videocassette of 1 (Betacam SP) (30 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (30 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
1 videocassette of 1 (30 min.) : sd., col. ; 3/4 in.

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WGBH Educational Foundation

Campus, Peter

"An Artist in the Seventies" was included in the "Frames of Reference" series, but was originally intended to serve as a pilot for a series (which never materialized) that would feature a different artist of the decade in each episode.

Includes two 2" masters, a Betacam SP preservation master, and 3/4" and VHS screening copies.

"An Artist in the Seventies" is a documentary-style compilation of works by video artist Peter Campus. In addition to the four short works presented, the program features interviews with Fred Barzyk and Olivia Tappan of WGBH, Barbara London of the Museum of Modern Art, Joyce Nero of the John Weber Gallery, and the critics and funders Russell Connor and Brian O'Doherty. These individuals analyze and discuss the importance of Campus' work and the emergence of video art as a new field, emphasizing the ways that art-making practices of the 1970's differ from those of the previous decade. The works themselves feature portraits, mostly self-portraits, which play with camera techniques and props to create the illusion that figures are disappearing and emerging. The works included are "Three Transitions," "Four Sided Tape," "East Ended Tape," and "Third Tape."

Barzyk, Fred
Tappan, Olivia (Associate Producer)

Neudel, Eric
Hill, Tim (Assistant Editor)
Hutton, David (Videotape Editor)
Kane, Pat (Videotape Editor)

National Endowment for the Arts
Rockefeller Foundation

Campus, Peter
Dowling, Susan
Connor, Russell (Narrator)

Video art

Campus, Peter

Documentaries and factual works

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