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See the record for "New Television, Episode 110 (1991)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

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Copyright Holder:
Burt Barr and The Trisha Brown Company, Inc.

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Barr, Burt
Brown, Trisha

"Aeros" was broadcast as Episode 110 of the 1991 "New Television" season.

Documentation contains correspondence, contracts, production notes, budgets, and news clippings about the artist and the video piece. See the record for "New Television, Episode 110 (1991)" for descriptions of videos containing this work.

"Aeros" was created by video artist Burt Barr and is an impressionistic behind-the-scenes look at the Trisha Brown Dance Company as they rehearse, stage, and perform her choreographed work in a variety of settings, including Moscow, New York, France, and Florida. The dancers go through sections of the dance in live performance and in technical rehearsals, some of which are shown in slow motion. The movement of the dance itself is sparse and the stage is lit with lights hung from exposed scaffolding. At one point, Trisha Brown performs a solo in a black leotard with a projector on her back. Projected behind her is the 1966 film "Homemade," which features Brown in an identical costume, performing identical movements. The Company, while in Moscow, speaks with the help of a translator at a tea or luncheon. Trisha Brown and Robert Rauschenberg discuss the failures and successes of the work on stage. The interior and exterior of a theater are cleaned and prepared.

When performing "Aeros" the dancers wear silver-gray unitards with gauze-like skirt attachments.

Barr, Burt

Fait, Susan

La Sept

Barr, Burt
High, Kathryn
Burden, Robert (Online Editor)

Rockefeller Foundation
Davies, Molly
National Endowment for the Arts
James E. Robinson Foundation
Charles Engelhard Foundation

Gries, Lance
Juarlewicz, Nicole
Lara, Gregory
Lucas, Carolyn
Madden, Diane
Schmidt, Lisa
Senter, Shelley
Swanson, Will
Thomson, David
Rauschenberg, Robert

Dance production
Modern dance

Brown, Trisha


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