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New Television Workshop Collection Program Materials Frames of Reference

Frames of Reference, 1979 - 1983

9 reels : sd., col. ; 16 mm
47 videoreels: sd., col. ; 2 in.
20 videoreels: sd., col. ; 1 in.
39 videocassettes (Betacam SP) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
7 videocassettes (D3) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
39 videocassettes (VHS) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
68 videocassettes : sd., col. ; 3/4 in.

Organization and Arrangement:
Organized by Program :
Artist in the Seventies, An: Peter Campus
As Quiet As...
Bruce and Babe
Capoeira of Brazil
Collisions (Louis Falco)
Dance in Open Spaces
Dance Journeys
Dances: Remy Charlip
Dancing on the Edge
Dream Moments
Ellis Island
Event Horizon
High Hot Moons
Images Diffused by Time
Imaginary Crossing
Inhabitant of Another Place
Landscape in Motion
Lulu Smith: The Chicken that Ate Columbus
Observations on Photography
One Way
Place to Dance, A
Portraits from the Two O'Clock
Reverie, The
Ros Barron
Walking Up
Watermotor for Dancer and Camera
You Little Wild Heart
Zero Degrees Latitude

"Early in 1978, 'Frames of Reference' was germinating as a showcase series for independent artists preparing new works in dance, drama, and the visual arts for television. Very much the spiritual child of an earlier era -- that of freewheeling portapak experiments where artists and television were meeting for the first time -- the series would add the control and polish demanded by broadcast." -- New Television Workshop newsletter.

"Frames of Reference" was a series that began circa 1978. Half-hour shows were produced to showcase commissioned and already created works. It was around this time that the focus of the Workshop shifted, to concentrate more heavily on creating works for broadcast. During its time, "Frames of Reference" was the focus of the Workshop's national arts programming effort. In an attempt to raise funds and foster collaboration, Workshop personnel approached and visited several public television stations nationwide. The major collaborative relationship was with WGBH's "sister station," WGBY (Springfield, Mass.). Among the featured artists were Meredith Monk, Remy Charlip, Trisha Brown, and Peter Campus. In 1981, "Frames of Reference" was packaged and offered to PBS, during what is known as "flex time" and was broadcast by WGBH, WNET (New York), and WGBY (Springfield, Mass.). "Frames of Reference" ended as a series ca. 1983, because of a lack of funding.

Includes masters, preservation masters, and screening copies of finished programs created for the "Frames of Reference" broadcast series. Original footage and outtakes exist for a few of the works. Many of the works were excerpted or included in their entirety in several completed "Frames of Reference" shows.

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