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NEA Design Archives, 1981

19 videocassettes(VHS): sd., col. ; 1/2 in. viewing copy.
19 videocassettes of 3 (Betacam SP): sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
22 videocassettes of 3 : sd., col. ; 1 in. master

Organization and Arrangement:
Organized by Program :
Charles Blessing Interview
Design Archives--Compilation Tapes
General Archiving Documentation
Melanie Kahane Interview
O'Neil Ford Interview
Paul Rand Interview

The Design Archives was originally conceived in 1980 as an attempt to record lengthy interviews with four "national treasures" involved in various fields of design. After an NEA grant to sponsor the project was received, the four selected designers (Melanie Kahane, interior design; Paul Rand, graphic design; Charles Blessing, city planning; O'Neil Ford, architecture) were interviewed between May and November, 1981, on one-inch videotape to ensure the best possible visual quality. Each interviewee was interviewed by respected authorities in their fields (Rita St. Clair, Carolyn Hightower, Bill Lacy, and Wolf Von Eckardt, respectively). The intent of the series was to videotape extensive interviews of high technical quality that would have archival value, as well as being suitable for broadcast purposes. Plans to broadcast portions of the interviews never came to pass. Nor did plans to transfer the interviews to videodisc in order to provide a resource for researchers and students in the field of graphic design.

The videotapes consist of raw, unedited footage of interviews. For some of the interviewees, shots of their homes, designs, buildings, etc. were also filmed, for inclusion in would-be broadcast versions.

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