New Television Workshop Collection
New Television Workshop Collection Program Materials
Program Materials, 1968 - 1993

1,230 videocassettes
11.25 linear feet (9 boxes)

Organization and Arrangement:
Organized by programming series: I. Rockefeller Artists-in-Television; II. Artist's Showcase; III. Music Image Workshop; IV. Dance for Camera; V. Frames of Reference; VI. Visions; VII. The CAT Fund; VIII. Alive From Off Center; VIIII. Soundings; X. Poetry Breaks; XI. New Television; XII. Special, Pilots, and Fills; XIII. Unbroadcast/Unfinished Works.

Program master videotapes relating to New Television Workshop programming were sent to the WGBH Archives following their original broadcast dates. Preservation masters and VHS screening tapes were created in 1998 and 1999. The majority of non-master tapes were archived by Susan Dowling ca. 1993 when the Workshop ceased production at WGBH. Photographs and other paper-based documentation relating to specific programs were found with the Subject Files and removed to the Program Materials files.

Contains both paper-based documentation and moving image materials relating to specific programs produced or presented with the assistance of the New Television Workshop. These include programs affiliated with specific broadcast series, special presentations, and a handful of unfinished or unbroadcast works.

The moving image materials (which are mainly video) include program master tapes, preservation masters, screening copies, original footage, and promotional reels. Many of these works exist in various formats, including 1/2" open reel, 3/4", VHS, 1", 2", Betacam SP, and D3. The majority of these materials have been reformatted for preservation purposes and screening copies have been created. A handful of 16 mm and 35 mm film rolls exist, mostly containing mix elements. Documentation is incomplete and varies greatly from program to program. It includes logs, copies of contracts, planning documents, correspondence with artists, budgets, and memoranda. A few photographs exist of either the production in progress or stills used for promotional purposes. These include black-and-white and color slides, prints, and negatives.

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