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Buses outside of Charlestown High School on the first day of school in 1975
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[First day of school at Charlestown High School]
Original Airdate: 9/8/1975

Length: 00:10:24
Item Type: newstape - original footage

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Visual: Media crews are gathered at the foot of the Bunker Hill Monument to cover opening day at Charlestown High School. The noise of helicopters overhead is audible. An MDC police officer on horseback is stationed in front of the school. School officials stand at the school entrance.

V: A yellow school bus escorted by a police motorcycle escort pulls up to the front of the school. African American students and some students of other races exit the bus and enter the school. Officials and police confer outside of the bus.
Shots of exterior of Charlestown High School; of media crews; of helicopter overhead.
The bus pulls away from school. Students and teachers in the school look out the window at activity outside.

V: Helmeted police line up in the street outside the school. They receive instructions from their superior officer. Noise from police radios is audible. A second bus with police escort pulls up outside school. African American students exit the bus and enter the school. Students crowd the entrance to the school. The bus pulls away. Police and officials remain outside of school.

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