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Michael Groden and Donald Luster at a clergy press conference
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[Clergy plead for racial peace in Boston.]
Original Airdate: 10/29/1979

Length: 00:21:05
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Description : Abstract
Father Michael Groden (Advisor to Humberto Cardinal Medeiros) introduces a press conference with Cardinal Medeiros (Archbishop of Boston), Bishop Edward Carroll (United Methodist Church) and Donald Luster (President, Ministerial Alliance). Medeiros denounces incidents of violence and hatred and encourages citizens to celebrate the diversity of the urban community. Medeiros says that the clergy has prepared a Covenant of Justice, Equity and Harmony to be signed by the citizens of Boston. Medeiros urges the clergy and every city institution to dedicate itself to working towards peace in the city. Medeiros announces a gathering of religious leaders on the Boston Common on November 19 that will initiate a movement to help the city heal its wounds. Bishop Edward Carroll (United Methodist Church) reads a letter inviting the city's clergy to gather at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross the following Friday. Carroll speaks about the clergy's responsibility to cooperate in promoting peace, justice and harmony in the city; denounces recent acts of violence and hatred; and encourages all citizens to unite. Donald Luster (President, Ministerial Alliance) reads the Covenant of Justice, Equity and Harmony. Groden reviews the series of events planned by the clergy to promote peace in the city. Groden and Luster respond to questions from the media about the movement for peace and the Covenant of Justice, Equity and Harmony.

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3/4" cassette 77038 
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Subject : Keywords
African American religious leaders
Peace movements

Subject : Personal Names
Carroll, Bishop Edward
Groden, Michael
Luster, Donald
Medeiros, Humberto

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Archdiocese of Boston
Ministerial Alliance
United Methodist Church

Type : Genre
News - Unedited

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