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Senator Edward Brooke at a press conference
[Edward Brooke at a press conference about his personal finances]
Original Airdate: 5/26/1978

Length: 00:21:54
Item Type: newstape - acquired tape

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Description : Abstract
Edward Brooke (US Senator) holds a press conference at the offices of Robert McGrath (attorney for Edward Brooke) to address a story about his personal finances that appeared in the Boston Globe. Brooke admits to making a false statement about the receipt of a personal loan in an out-of-court deposition for his divorce. Brooke says that he did not commit perjury by making a "misstatement" in the divorce proceedings; that he did not inflate his financial liability in the divorce settlement. Brooke discusses the divorce settlement and says that it is "fair and equitable." Brooke denies allegations by the Boston Globe that he spends more than he earns. Brooke describes the sources of his income, including details of the purchases and estimated values of his properties. Brooke apologizes to constituents and asks for their forgiveness and understanding. The media asks probing questions about his personal life and finances. Brooke admits that his daughter is responsible for leaking the story to the press.

Format : Tape A216   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 24629 
VHS cassette 63399 
Betacam cassette 64255 
digital betacam cassette 63978 

Subject : Keywords
African American politicians
Political scandals

Subject : Personal Names
Brooke, Edward
McGrath, Robert
Tye, A. Raymond

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Boston Globe, The

Type : Genre
News - Unedited

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