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E. Edward Clark speaks to students about the importance of education and respect for others
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[Mr. Clark at Hennigan School, tape 1]
Original Airdate: 4/27/1977

Length: 00:20:41
Item Type: newstape - original footage

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Description : Abstract
E. Edward Clark, a ninety-two-year-old African American man, speaks to a racially integrated class at the Hennigan Elementary School. The son of slaves, Clark tells vivid stories about his family's experiences in the south following emancipation and about growing up in Cambridge. He stresses the importance of a good education. Tape 1 of 2.

Format : Tape A137   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 100549 
VHS cassette 101947 
Betacam cassette 101970 
digital betacam cassette 101976 

Subject : Keywords
African Americans - History
Hennigan Elementary School
School buildings and classrooms

Subject : Personal Names
Clark, E. Edward

Type : Genre
News - Unedited

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