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Rebecca Rollins reports from the Massachusetts State House
[Infant mortality hearings ]
Original Airdate: 10/16/1990

Length: 00:02:09
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Description : Abstract
Rebecca Rollins reports that many Massachusetts state legislators have said that the state's rising infant mortality rate is a priority. She notes that only two of seventeen members of the Legislative Health Care Committee attended a recent meeting on the infant mortality rate. Rollins report includes photographs of the legislators on the Legislative Health Care Committee. Rollins reports that John McDonough (State Representative) and Edward Burke (State Senator) were the only two members to attend the meetings. Rollins notes that some legislators said that they were not aware of the meeting. Rollins' report includes interviews with Burke and Dr. Jean Taylor (Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center). Taylor says that the all of the members of the committee would have attended if the subject were white infant mortality. Rollins notes that the infant mortality rate is three times higher in the African American community than in the white community. Rollins reports that any legislation related to infant mortality will most likely be written by Burke and McDonough. Rollins report is accompanied by footage of parents and infants in the lobby of a health care center.

Contributor : Reporter
Rebecca Rollins
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Subject : Keywords
African Americans - Politics and government
Infants - Mortality
State governments

Subject : Personal Names
Bartley, John
Bertonazzi, Louis
Buell, Robert
Burke, Edward
Catjakis, Athan
Claprood, Marjorie
Guernsey, Sherwood
Houston, John
Howarth, Robert
Hynes, Frank
McDonough, John
McIntyre, Joseph
McNeill, John
Rollins, Rebecca
Suhoski, Chester
Taylor, Dr. Jeanne
White, Thomas

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Massachusetts State Legislature

Type : Genre
News - Television

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