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Artist Sidewalk Sam works with Boston schoolchildren to create a mural
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[Sidewalk Sam works with students on a mural]
Original Airdate: 5/14/1990

Length: 00:02:31
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Visual: Footage of Robert Guillemin (artist), also known as "Sidewalk Sam," working with elementary-school students in a classroom. Shots of Guillemin; of individual students.

Marcus Jones reports that Guillemin will be working with Boston public school students to create a mural; that the mural will be two stories tall and 200-feet wide.

V: Footage of Guillemin working with the students. Guillemin talks about colors in the mural. Footage of Guillemin saying that the majority of children in Boston can live together peacefully; that children from different backgrounds can work together well. Shots of Guillemin in the classroom with students.

Jones reports that Guillemin is an "outdoor artist"; that Guillemin is known for his sidewalk art. Jones notes that Guillemin is coordinating work on a large mural; that the mural will represent Boston's ethnic diversity. Jones reports that the mural will represent children from different backgounds standing next to one another; that the mural will be made up of 30,000 personal drawings made by children and students.

V: Shots of individual students in the classroom. Shot of a computer illustration of the mural. Shots of students drawing on colored paper with magic markers. The children sit together at a table. Footage of students being interviewed by Jones. Shawna Schurko (fourth grader, Hurley School) talks about her drawing for the mural. Footage of Ray Flynn (Mayor of Boston) entering the classroom and greeting the students. Flynn shakes hands with the teacher. Footage of Flynn talking to students as they work on their drawings for the mural. Flynn looks at a drawing by one of the students. He compliments the student. Flynn continues to look at the students' drawings.

Jones reports that Flynn endorses the mural project.

V: Footage of Flynn saying that the mural promotes peace and unity in the city's neighborhoods. Flynn says that the whole city can learn from the schoolchildren who are working on the mural.

Jones reports that volunteers have been putting the mural together at Roxbury Community College. Jones reports that the mural will be hung in the Grand Concourse at South Station this evening; that the mural will be dedicated by the mayor tomorrow; that the mural will be unveiled for the public tomorrow.

V: Shots of volunteers putting the mural together in a large room; of sections of the finished mural as they are constructed. Shots of individual drawings making up the mural. Shot of a finished section of the mural.

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