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Elvira "Pixie" Palladino
[Reactions to the film Common Ground]
Original Airdate: 3/20/1990

Length: 00:04:22
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Description : Abstract
Christy George reports that the film Common Ground is based on a book about the history of school desegregation in Boston. George notes that a group of people who were involved in school desegregation in Boston watched the film together last night. George reports on their reactions. George's report includes footage from a discussion of the film. Kevin White (former Mayor of Boston) says that the film provoked strong reactions in everyone. James Kelly (Boston City Council) and Elvira "Pixie" Palladino (former member, Boston School Committee) speak out against busing. George Walker (member of the Twymon family portrayed in Common Ground) speaks out against "closed communities." Jim Conway (Charlestown resident) says that the film promotes a negative image of Charlestown. Lisa McGoff (member of the McGoff family portrayed in Common Ground) and Cassandra Twymon (member of the Twymon family portrayed in Common Ground) speak at the meeting. McGoff says that the film concentrates on the negative events of the busing crisis. Twymon says that the film gives an accurate portrayal of her experiences as an African American student in a white school. George notes that Common Ground is a risky film for a network television station to air. George's report includes footage from the film.

Contributor : Reporter
Christy George
Format : Tape 7155   Barcode   Script is available.
3/4" cassette 100574 
VHS cassette 106324 
Betacam cassette 106331 
digital betacam cassette 106332 

Subject : Keywords
Busing for school integration - General
Motion pictures

Subject : Personal Names
Conway, Jim
George, Christy
Kelly, James
McGoff, Lisa
Palladino, Elvira "Pixie"
Twymon, Cassandra
Walker, George
White, Kevin

Type : Genre
News - Television

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