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Don Muhammad at a ceremony at the Renaissance Building
[Restoration of the Renaissance Building in Grove Hall]
Original Airdate: 3/12/1990

Length: 00:03:02
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Description : Abstract
Marcus Jones reports on the competion of renovations at the Renaissance Building in the Grove Hall district of Roxbury. Jones notes that the project was funded with money from the city's only minority-owned bank, and that the project was overseen by minority architects and contractors. Jones adds that the building is a cornerstone of the Grove Hall revitalization effort. Jones' report includes footage from a gathering to celebrate the completion of the restorations. A crowd stands outside of the building. Virginia Morrison (Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Hall) and Don Muhammad (Muhammad's Mosque) address the crowd. Muhammad says that gang activity will decline as more renovation takes place in the neighborhood. Jones interviews Trevor Blake (TTB Construction Inc.) and Ernest Scott (businessman) about the renovations. Blake talks about the challenges faced by minority businesses and contractors. Scott says that renovations and increased foot traffic will force the drug trade out of the area. Jones reports that the city of Boston has committed an additional $50,000 to the Grove Hall revitalization effort.

Contributor : Reporter
Marcus Jones
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3/4" cassette 106318 
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Subject : Keywords
African American businesspeople
Buildings - Repair and reconstruction
City planning

Subject : Personal Names
Blake, Trevor
Jones, Marcus
Morrison, Virginia
Muhammad, Don
Scott, Ernest

Subject : Geographic Locations
Roxbury (Boston, Mass.)

Type : Genre
News - Television

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