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The Dorchester Youth Collaborative is a model community center for urban youth
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[Funding for Dorchester Youth Collaborative]
Original Airdate: 10/6/1989

Length: 00:02:59
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Description : Abstract
David Boeri reports on a legislative hearing about urban issues in the Roxbury neighborhood. Boeri notes that city and state officials addressed the panel. Boeri's report includes footage of the legislative hearing. Ray Flynn (Mayor of Boston), Newman Flanagan (District Attorney), and Julian Houston (judge, Roxbury District Court) address the panel. Boeri reports that the congressmen were interested in the Dorchester Youth Collaborative (DYC) program. The report includes footage of Emmit Folgert (DYC), Lawrence McKinley (Dorchester teen) and Andrew Young (Dorchester teen) addressing the panel. They talk about gang activity in the neighborhood. Boeri reports that many teen counselors believe that drug education and prevention should focus on the after-school hours. Boeri notes that the DYC offers entertainment, music, sports, and a safe place for teenagers. Boeri interviews Al McClain (DYC), William Woods (Dorchester teen), Abigail Santana (Dorchester teen) and Mickey McBride (Dorchester teen) about the DYC. Boeri reports that the congressmen are being urged to fund community centers like the DYC. Boeri's report includes footage of teenagers dancing and hanging out at the DYC.

Contributor : Reporter
David Boeri
Format : Tape 6808   Barcode   Script is available.
3/4" cassette 102992 
VHS cassette 105723 
Betacam cassette 105722 
digital betacam cassette 105721 

Subject : Keywords
Drug abuse - Prevention and treatment
Federal government
Urban youth

Subject : Personal Names
Boeri, David
Celester, William
Flanagan, Newman
Flynn, Raymond
Folgert, Emmet
Houston, Julian
McBride, Mickey
McClain, Al
McKinney, Lawrence
Moakley, Joseph
Rangel, Charles
Santana, Abigail
Watson, Georgette
Woods, William
Young, Andrew (II)

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Dorchester Youth Collaborative (DYC)

Subject : Geographic Locations
Dorchester (Boston, Mass.)

Type : Genre
News - Television

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