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Harvard alumni nominate Desmond Tutu for the Harvard University Board of Overseers
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[Harvard/Radcliffe Alumni Against Apartheid]
Original Airdate: 3/9/1989

Length: 00:02:55
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Visual: Footage of Robert Wolff (Alumni Against Apartheid) standing in front of the office of Derek Bok (President, Harvard University) in Massachusetts Hall on Harvard campus. Robert Zevin (Alumni Against Apartheid) and Linda Davidoff (Alumni Against Apartheid) stand on either side of Wolff.

Jan von Mehren reports that a small band of Harvard Alumni gathered outside of Bok's office in Harvard Yard today. Von Mehren reports that the Alumni announced the candidacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (black South African leader) for the Harvard University Board of Overseers.

V: Footage of Wolff saying that he looks forward to the first meeting of the Board of Overseers with Tutu present. Wolff says that he would like to see Bok explain to the Overseers and Tutu why divestment is not in the best interests of black South Africans.

Von Mehren reports that the thirty-member Board of Overseers is elected by the university alumni; that the Board of Overseers makes policy recomendations.

V: Shots of Harvard students walking in Harvard Yard. Shot of Tutu at a religious service.

Von Mehren reports that Tutu is one of five candidates on a slate nominated by the Harvard/Radcliffe Alumni Against Apartheid organization. Von Mehren reports that Zevin and Davidoff are also running for the Board.

V: Footage of Zevin and Davidoff standing in front of Bok's office. Davidoff says that she expected Harvard to be a leader on issues like divestment; that Harvard needs to make its alumni proud again. Shots of apartheid protestors at Harvard University on September 5, 1986.

Von Mehren reports that has decreased its investments in South Africa since the 1970s; that $250 million remains invested in companies doing business in South Africa.

V: Footage of Davidoff saying that Harvard's divestment policy is "part-way there." Footage of Wolff saying that Archibishop Tutu will win a debate with Bok on divestment.

Von Mehren stands in Harvard Yard. Von Mehren reports that university officials have no comment on Harvard's divestment policy or on Tutu's candidacy for the Board of Overseers.

V: Footage of Wolff saying that Harvard officials never admit to caving in to outside pressure. Wolff says that Harvard has already divested part of its holdings in response to pressure from alumni, faculty, and students.

Von Mehren reports that Tutu and the pro-divestment slate will be running against Elizabeth Dole (US Secretary of Labor), Paul Kirk (former Chairman of the Democratic Party), and others.

V: Shots of Tutu; of Dole; of Kirk.

Von Mehren reports that the winners will be announced at Harvard's graduation in June. Von Mehren notes that Tutu's election to the Board of Overseers will force Harvard to reevaluate its divestment policy.

V: Shots of Harvard students walking in Harvard Yard.

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