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Roxbury residents demand increased police protection in the wake of street violence
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[Roxbury demands end to drug crime]
Original Airdate: 8/22/1988

Length: 00:03:21
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Visual: Footage of Maleka Few (Roxbury resident, age 12) saying that she thinks it might happen to her next. Shot of a Boston Herald newspaper article with a headline reading, "Police vow to capture girl's killers." A photo of Darlene Tiffany Moore (Roxbury resident, age 11) accompanies the article.

Meg Vaillancourt reports that Moore was sitting outside on Humboldt Avenue in Roxbury when she was killed by a stray bullet; that Moore was the unintentional victim of a war between two rival gangs.

V: Shot of a Humboldt Avenue in Roxbury. Footage of Few saying that the gang members were not shooting at Moore; that Moore was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Few says that she does not want to go out to the store with her mother anymore. Footage of Jessica Moore (Roxbury resident, age 10) saying that she used to sit in the same place on Humboldt Street. Shots of African American girls standing on a street in Roxbury.

Vaillancourt reports that Roxbury parents went to City Hall today to ask for more police protection.

V: Footage of Amanda Houston (Roxbury resident) saying that she is a "gutsy lady;" that she is starting to feel frightened. Footage of Bruce Bolling (Boston City Council) speaking to the press. Bolling says that there is open warfare going on in the city. Shot of media camera crews. Footage of Louis Elisa (Roxbury resident) saying that Roxbury residents pay their taxes; that Roxbury citizens are demanding equal protection under the law.

Vaillancourt reports that forty extra police officers are patrolling Humboldt Avenue; that Ray Flynn (Mayor of Boston) has pledged a full investigation of the shooting.

V: Shot of two police officers patrolling a street. Footage of William Celester (Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department) speaking to the press. Flynn stands beside him. Celester says that the community has been providing information about the shooting to police; that the police are investigating suspects. Footage of two white police officers stopping an African American man to search him.

Vaillancourt reports that Roxbury is experiencing its worst violence in twenty years.

V: Footage of Francis "Mickey" Roache (Police Commissioner, City of Boston) speaking at press conference in Roxbury. John Kerry (US Senator) and Royal Bolling Sr. (State Senator) are among the crowd standing with Roache. Roache says that drugs equal violence. Shots of the press at the press conference.

Vaillancourt notes that Kerry visited Roxbury today to talk to residents about the drug problem.

V: Footage of Kerry saying that the government cannot ask kids in Roxbury to say no to drugs if the Reagan administration cannot say no to General Manuel Noriega (leader of Panama). Kerry says that the drug policy of the Reagan administration is hypocritical and ineffective; that the administration's policy is contributing to the drug problem.

Vaillancourt reports that Roxbury residents are calling for drastic measures to fight violence; that some curfews, night-court sessions, and the National Guard have all been suggested.

V: Footage of Kerry saying that the presence of the National Guard will not solve the drug problem; that overcrowded prisons, an inadequate school system, and a lack of treatment centers are all contributing to the drug problem. Shot of two white police officers talking to an African American teenage boy on a street in Roxbury.

Vaillancourt reports that Roxbury residents want increased aid on all levels. Vaillancourt notes that residents are worried that the situation will not improve after Moore's killer is found.

V: Shot of a cameraman filming a man in a business suit on the street; of Humboldt Avenue in Roxbury.

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