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Christy George reports from the 1988 Democratic Convention in Atlanta
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[Atlantans talk about Democratic Convention]
Original Airdate: 7/18/1988

Length: 00:03:08
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Description : Abstract
Christy George reports from Atlanta on African American residents' views of the Democratic presidential ticket and the Democratic National Convention. George notes that Michael Dukakis (Democratic nominee for U.S. President) needs to show African American voters that he wants their support. George interviews employees and customers at the Auburn Rib Shack. The interviewees support Jesse Jackson (candidate for US President) and hope that Jackson will be named as Dukakis's running mate. George notes that both Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen (U.S. Senator) have good records on civil rights and that Jackson's supporters may be waiting for Jackson to throw his support behind Dukakis. George's report includes footage from interviews with African Americans in Atlanta about Jackson and Dukakis. Many interviewees are skeptical about Dukakis. George's report also features footage of Jackson speaking to an audience and footage of Dukakis addressing the Democratic National Convention.

Contributor : Reporter
Christy George
Format : Tape 5885   Barcode   Script is available.
3/4" cassette 102901 
VHS cassette 104273 
Betacam cassette 104293 
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Subject : Keywords
African American politicians
Elections - 1988 presidential campaign and elections

Subject : Personal Names
Bentsen, Lloyd
Dukakis, Michael
George, Christy
Jackson, Jesse
Wyatt, James

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Democratic National Party

Subject : Geographic Locations
Atlanta (Georgia)

Type : Genre
News - Television

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