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Betty Meredith and Michael Kane talk about Tent City
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[Tent City housing complex]
Original Airdate: 4/29/1988

Length: 00:03:42
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Description : Abstract
Hope Kelly reports that the Tent City Housing Complex in the South End will soon open. She notes that the housing complex is named for the protests that began on the site twenty years before. Kelly reviews the history of the Tent City site. Kelly's report includes photos of the protests at the Tent City site in the 1960s. Kelly interviews Betty Meredith (Executive Director, Tent City Corporation) and Michael Kane (Chairman, Tent City Corporation) outside of the housing complex. Kane and Meredith talk about the struggle by South End residents to get the housing complex built. Kane says that affordable housing was not a priority in this part of the city until now. Kelly interviews Mel King (community activist) about the Tent City site. Kelly reports that Copley Place was developed while the Tent City site was ignored. Kelly's report includes a time-lapse arrangement of shots documenting the construction of Copley Place. Kelly reports that 75% of the units in the housing complex are low- and moderate-income units. Kelly interviews Sophie Iglesias (Marketing Director) and Florcie Versailles (Tent City resident) about the housing complex.

Contributor : Reporter
Hope Kelly
Format : Tape 5749   Barcode   Script is available.
3/4" cassette 102853 
VHS cassette 104274 
Betacam cassette 104295 
digital betacam cassette 104294 

Subject : Keywords
City planning
Urban renewal

Subject : Personal Names
Iglesias, Sophie
Kane, Michael
Kelly, Hope
King, Mel
Meredith, Betty
Versailles, Florcie

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA)
Tent City Corporation

Subject : Geographic Locations
South End (Boston, Mass.)

Type : Genre
News - Television

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