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Bruce Bolling and Charles Weeks hope for an African American mayor of Boston
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[African American mayors]
Original Airdate: 11/4/1987

Length: 00:02:58
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Description : Abstract
Marcus Jones reports that the city of Hartford, Connecticut has elected Carrie Perry, an African American woman, as mayor of the city. Jones notes that Hartford is the only major city in New England with an African American mayor. Jones' report includes footage of Perry at a polling station and at a press conference. Jones reports that Bruce Bolling (Boston City Council) is seen as having the best chance at becoming Boston's first African American mayor. Jones interviews Bolling. Bolling says that he might run for mayor someday, but that he is concentrating on his agenda in the City Council. Jones notes that Bolling differed with Mel King (candidate for Mayor of Boston in 1983) and other African American community leaders over the issue of Roxbury's secession from Boston. Jones' report includes footage of Bolling, King, Andrew Young (Greater Roxbury Incorporation Project) and Charles Stith (Union United Methodist Church) on the Phil Donahue Show in 1986. Jones notes that the minority community in Boston is becoming impatient for an African American mayor. Jones interviews Charles Weeks (Black Political Task Force) about the chances of Boston electing an African American mayor. Jones' report includes footage of Harold Washington (Mayor of Chicago) and W. Wilson Goode (Mayor of Philadelphia).

Contributor : Reporter
Marcus Jones
Format : Tape 5393   Barcode   Script is available.
3/4" cassette 103474 
VHS cassette 104097 
Betacam cassette 104112 
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Subject : Keywords
African American politicians
African Americans - Politics and government
Mandela, Massachusetts

Subject : Personal Names
Bolling, Bruce
Goode, W. Wilson
Jones, Andrew
Jones, Marcus
King, Mel
Perry, Carrie
Stith, Charles
Washington, Harold
Weeks, Charles

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
Black Political Task Force

Subject : Geographic Locations
Hartford, Connecticut

Type : Genre
News - Television

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