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Brandeis chaplains and students protest university investments in South Africa
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[Brandeis chaplains fast for divestment]
Original Airdate: 2/13/1987

Length: 00:02:56
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Visual: Footage of Brandeis students holding hands outside of the Bernstein-Marcus building on the Brandeis campus. Snow covers the ground. The students call out their names. Father Maurice Loiselle (Brandeis University) talking about the divestment fast. Shots of students as they continue to call out their names. Rabbi Albert Axelrad (Brandeis University) saying that fasting has been difficult; that he loves food. Students continue to call out their names. Reverend Diane Moore (Brandeis University) comments on their "small" social movement. The students join hands and form a ring.

Christy George reports that there is a strong spiritual component to the divestment movement at Brandeis University; that the movement at Brandeis has shunned publicity. George reports that there is a daily lunchtime vigil outside of the administration building.

Shots of Loiselle, Axelrad and Moore joining hands at the vigil. Footage of a white female student thanking the Brandeis chaplains for leading the movement.

George reports that today's vigil celebrated the near end of a two-week fast by Brandeis chaplains.

V: Footage of Axelrad saying that he is sorry that the fast was necesssary; that the chaplains are not martyrs. A crowd has gathered around the chaplains.

George reports that the vigils have taken place every day during extremely cold weather; that the demonstrations at Brandeis have a theme of atonement.

V: Shots of a white female student with a scarf around her neck. Shots of a female student at a campus shantytown in the winter. The student feeds the fire with a wooden log.

George reports that students erected a shantytown on campus last winter; that the students took turns eating and sleeping there for months. George reports that students have begun fasting this year, as a way to protest the university's investments in South Africa. George notes that the first phase of the fast was to miss lunches Monday through Friday; that the second phase was to miss all meals on Tuesday; that the money saved is donated to African famine relief. George adds that students were asked not to join in phase three of the fast; that the three chaplains engaged in a two-week total fast.

V: Shots of the student vigil outside of the administration building; of a red ribbon tied to one of the student's winter coat. Footage of Loiselle saying that all facets of the university benefit from investments in South Africa; that the fast is an expression of atonement for the profits derived from the investments.

George stands on the Brandeis campus. The student vigil is visible behind her. George reports that Brandeis University has divested almost all of its holdings in South Africa; that about $1 million remains invested.

V: Footage of the students singing at the vigil. The students hold hands and are arranged in concentric circles.

George reports that the university trustees will reconsider divestment during their May meeting. George notes that the university has said that it only invests in companies which abide by the Sullivan Principles.

V: Footage of Moore saying that all but one of the black South African leaders have called for full divestment; that it is "arrogant and paternalistic" to ignore their plea for divestment.

George reports that there is no fourth phase of the fast.

V: Shot of the students raising their hands in victory.

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