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Sterling Anderson and ACORN members protest at the offices of the BRA
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[Affordable housing protesters at the BRA]
Original Airdate: 5/28/1986

Length: 00:22:04
Item Type: newstape - edited story master

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Description : Abstract
Meg Vaillancourt interviews Sterling Anderson (ACORN) about the lack of affordable housing in the Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan areas. Anderson says that the city is not doing enough to provide affordable housing for low-income residents. Anderson questions the city's definition of low-income. He adds that most residents do not make enough money to meet the city's definition of low-income. Anderson and a group of ACORN protesters march to the offices of the Boston Redevelopment Authority in Dudley Square. Anderson and the protesters enter the office and confront Ricardo Millet (BRA) about the city's affordable housing policies. The protesters read a list of demands. The protesters say that 70% of all new developments in the area must target low- and moderate-income residents. The protesters demand information on all new planned developments in the Roxbury/Dorchester/Mattapan neighborhoods. Millet discusses the city's affordable housing policy with the protesters. He gives them handouts including a list of planned developments in the area. Millet says that the BRA is trying to provide affordable housing despite a lack of subsidies from the federal government.

Contributor : Reporter
Meg Vaillancourt
Format : Tape 4490   Barcode   
3/4" cassette 102107 
VHS cassette 103374 
Betacam cassette 101094 
digital betacam cassette 103388 

Subject : Keywords
Urban poor

Subject : Personal Names
Anderson, Sterling
Millet, Ricardo
Vaillancourt, Meg

Subject : Corporate Names (Organization names)
ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)
Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA)

Subject : Geographic Locations
Roxbury (Boston, Mass.)

Type : Genre
News - Television

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